Are FF7 Rebirth’s Piano Mini-Sport Rewards Value It?



Like the unique Closing Fantasy VII, Rebirth enables you to play some tunes on a piano. And as is to be anticipated with Rebirth, it’s a much more elaborate mini-game this time round. With pianos unfold all through the world and rewards to earn, you is likely to be questioning whether or not or not it’s value investing your time into mastering this exercise. Clear Your Calendar For Closing Fantasy 7 RebirthRead Extra: So You Need To Play The Authentic Closing Fantasy VII?Naturally, for those who’re aiming for a platinum trophy with the objective of 100-percenting this large ‘ol RPG, then you’ve got your reply. However for those who simply need to know what the rewards are earlier than you spend extra time on this pretty-okay-but-sometimes-frustrating mini-game, learn on. First, nonetheless, take pleasure in this glorious piano rendition of FF7’s battle music (sure, that entire album is great):Sq. Enix / The Emerald ExhibitFun reality: The NPC who offers you rewards for knocking out piano items is called after the second mode of the most important scale, Dorian. We higher meet somebody named Phrygian for the third sport, in that case (there are additionally seven modes…oh god). Piano mini-game rewardsHere’s all of the materia you may get from the piano mini-game:“On Our Approach”: HP Up“Tifa’s Theme”: MP Up“Barret’s Theme”: Warding“Cinco de Chocobo”: Steadfast Block“Two Legs? Nothin’ To It”: Disempowerment“Aerith’s Theme”: Binding“Let The Battles Start!”: Piano Virtuoso Bronze Trophy and you’ll play the piano as Aerith or Yuffie“One-Winged Angel”: Nothing! The place to get all of the sheet musicSheet music is on the market anyplace you encounter a piano for the primary time. The areas are as follows:“On Our Approach”: The Crow’s Nest within the Junon area“Tifa’s Theme”: The Royal Crown Lodge in Costa del Sol“Barret’s Theme”: In a bar in North Corel“Cinco de Chocobo”: Gongaga Village, in somebody’s home“Two Legs? Nothin’ To It”: The Syldra Inn, Cosmo Canyon“Aerith’s Theme”: Given in the course of the “My White-Haired Angel” sidequest in Nibelheim“Let The Battles Start!”: Get an A-Rank in all the items above“One-Winged Angel”: Full “Johnny’s Treasure Trove”Learn Extra: Enjoying Closing Fantasy VIII In 2024: Every little thing You Want To KnowIs the piano mini-game value it?As a musician, I don’t a lot look after the piano mini-game because the extra complicated songs don’t map your inputs to notice triggers in the identical approach that enjoying an precise keyboard can. Nonetheless, the sooner songs are a bit higher and it’s at all times good to spend time with FF7’s soundtrack. However are the precise rewards value it? For the primary two rewards, HP and MP Up, not solely are you able to purchase these orbs elsewhere (see the hyperlinks), however they’re purchasable from outlets when you hit Chapter 9. The advantage of getting it from the piano mini-game is that they’ll come as degree two materia, so that you’ll get a bit extra use out of it extra shortly. Warding, Steadfast Block, and Binding can be obtained elsewhere within the sport (once more, test the hyperlinks), they usually’re additionally obtainable from outlets. Nevertheless, except for materia and merchandise outlets (beginning at chapter 9), Disempowerment can solely be snagged earlier from the piano mini-game.Since all of those materia orbs may be bought from outlets, you don’t have to fret about lacking out on restricted gadgets must you skip this exercise.So all in all, the materia on supply from the piano mini-game can simply be acquired elsewhere. Enjoying piano as Aerith and Yuffie is good, however you get to do this once you’re practically carried out with all this mini-game has to supply anyway. And it’s an enormous bummer that “One-Winged Angel” will get you nothing. Learn Extra: Closing Fantasy VII: The Kotaku Retro ReviewAll in all, until you’re platinum-trophy obsessed, or occur to benefit from the piano mini-game, this one may be skipped with out an excessive amount of fear.