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#BTC   Quick time period assist is at 37,400. There have been a number of optimistic technical developments since I left on sabbatical final week. There was a profitable take a look at of assist on the Median line (blue dashed line) of the brief time period Schiff Pitchfork. Additionally, an advance by way of the Higher Parallel on Saturday and a take a look at of that as assist (inexperienced circle) and observe by way of to the upside in the present day are further positives.  There has additionally been a re-ignition of upside momentum as witnessed by the Fisher Remodel and MACD. The following hurdle would be the vary of worth resistance on the 50,000 to 51,300 stage. We have now added a brief time period Schiff Modified Pitchfork (Gold P1 to P3) to delineate the pattern from the July lows because it seems to finest marker of the vector of the rally. Extra tomorrow in our multi-time body evaluation for our paid subscribers!