James Webb Arrives in French Guiana Prepared For Launch



The James Webb House Telescope, a model new telescope that can permit astronomers to hunt for liveable exoplanets, find out about star formation, and even examine the formation of the universe itself, has arrived at its launch vacation spot in French Guiana this week. Webb was shipped over 5,800 miles from California, by the Panama Canal, to Port de Pariacabo on the Kourou River, situated on the northeast coast of South America.
After a 16-day journey, Webb arrived in French Guiana on Tuesday, October 12. Engineers will now set about making ready it for its launch in December this 12 months from Europe’s spaceport in Kourou. The mission is a partnership between NASA, the European House Company, and the Canadian House Company.
The James Webb House Telescope, a once-in-a-generation house mission, arrived safely at Pariacabo harbor in French Guiana on October 12, 2021, forward of its launch on an Ariane 5 rocket from Europe’s Spaceport. ESA/CNES/Arianespace
“A gifted staff throughout America, Canada, and Europe labored collectively to construct this extremely advanced observatory. It’s an unimaginable problem — and really a lot worthwhile. We’re going to see issues within the universe past what we are able to even think about in the present day,” stated Thomas Zurbuchen, affiliate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, in a press release. “Now that Webb has arrived in Kourou, we’re getting it prepared for launch in December — after which we are going to watch in suspense over the following few weeks and months as we launch and prepared the biggest house telescope ever constructed.”
To maintain the fragile {hardware} of Webb protected because it traveled, it was loaded right into a custom-made case referred to as House Telescope Transporter for Air, Highway, and Sea, or STTARS, which weighs 168,000 kilos and is 110 ft lengthy. For extra on the journey, NASA has a two-part video collection exhibiting how the telescope was transported.
The Webb telescope’s journey to house started with engineers packing the telescope into its protecting transport container. The container was then moved from Northrop Grumman in Redondo Seaside, California, to Seal Seaside, California. Ready at Seal Seaside was the ship that may carry Webb to French Guiana. NASA’s Goddard House Flight Middle
“Webb’s arrival on the launch web site is a momentous event,” stated Gregory Robinson, Webb’s program director at NASA Headquarters. “We’re very excited to lastly ship the world’s subsequent nice observatory into deep house. Webb has crossed the nation and traveled by sea. Now it is going to take its final journey by rocket a million miles from Earth, to seize gorgeous pictures of the primary galaxies within the early universe which might be sure to rework our understanding of our place within the cosmos.”

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