NASA Grew Chili Peppers in Area, Astronaut Used for Tacos



Astronauts grew chili peppers on the Worldwide Area Station for the primary time.
One NASA astronaut then used them to make tacos for the crew.
NASA says rising meals in house has huge benefits for endeavors like attempting to go to Mars.

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Astronauts on the Worldwide Area Station grew chili peppers for the firts time, which a NASA astronaut used for tacos to feed the crew.The seeds have been dropped at the ISS in June, a part of  NASA experiment to see what meals will be grown in house. The experiment was to assist set up potential meals sources for lengthy missions, probably to Mars.The primary peppers have been harvested on Friday, NASA stated.

NASA astronauts pose with the peppers on the Worldwide Area Station on Friday.


NASA astronaut Megan McArthur tweeted on Friday that the crew tasted the peppers, and that she used them in tacos together with fajita beef and greens.

She known as them her “greatest house tacos but.”—Megan McArthur (@Astro_Megan) October 29, 2021NASA stated in July that the peppers would develop for about 4 months as a part of its Plant Habitat-04 investigation. It stated the method was “the primary time NASA astronauts will domesticate a crop of chili peppers on the station from seeds to maturity.”NASA stated that the crew would eat the peppers in the event that they appeared good, and likewise avoid wasting to carry again to Earth for research.McArthur stated in her tweet that the astronauts needed to fill in surveys after tasting the peppers.

NASA stated that rising meals in house has logistical advantages over bringing packaged meals from Earth, and that tending house crops may have phycological advantages for the crew.It famous that journeys distant from Earth, together with to Mars, “could final for months and even years and have restricted alternatives for resupply missions.”