Patent: Canon RF 180mm f/3.5L Macro and Canon RF 200mm f/4L Macro | Canon Rumors



Sigh, no, this isn’t a patent on any explicit lens spec, neither 180mm nor 200mm nor RF nor f/3.5 nor f/4.0.It is a patent on a basic macro lens structure or design that’s meant to attenuate fluctuations of aberrations.There are seven examples within the patent, from 140mm to 194mm, f/3.5 to f/4, again focuses from 13 to 49mm, however the patent is not about any of those examples, however fairly the overall lens system. It particularly mentions (all their patents do, I believe) “imaging machine equivalent to a digital nonetheless digicam, a video digicam, a surveillance digicam, and an in-vehicle digicam.”I’ve talked about a number of occasions that this web site is being deceptive by claiming that patents of system or designs are someway actually patents of the examples. I’ve requested if anybody can level to any manufacturing lens particular design truly being first talked about for example in a patent software and no-one’s identified a single case to me. I additionally have not seen such a case myself. I am certain it should occur occasionally however I am nonetheless ready for somebody to level such a case out. Till we now have a superb file of many and even most new lenses being talked about in patents as examples of their revered basic structure or designs, although, I believe it might be untimely to hope that this explicit design could be constructed. (And I am not even certain it will be, as some aberrations are fairly excessive.) My takeaway is that if something it could be so much LIGHTER than the EF 180mm, and perhaps CHEAPER, however the figures do not essentially look BETTER.